Tuesday, 11 September 2018

What's Minerva up to now?

"Minerva watched David from the front pew as he carefully arranged the candles on the altar. There were few things more attractive in a man than seeing him in his own working environment.
And a vicar was no exception.
But unlike the rougher terrains of building sites and farmland where the rippling of male bodies fill the open spaces with raw testosterone - this was entirely different.
There was something about the inner sanctum of a holy place and the refined atmosphere within a church that heated up the witch blood rising inside Minerva, until she had no choice but to surrender to its giddy heights.
No. However sacred or hallowed a space, a Witch cannot be separated from her magic.
Or her man."
A sneaky peek at the current work-in-progress, Book no.3 of the Mad & Magical series. 
I'm having such fun writing this!  

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Witch Lit Book Review

The Naked Witch by Wendy Steele

This is a great contender for the ever growing Witch Lit that is flooding the marketplace today...
If you like to read about the kind of magic that real witches do, then grab a copy of The Naked Witch and enjoy this down to earth story.
The thing is, many think that witches are some kind of extraordinary species that float above the surface of the planet and fly around on great beings and broomsticks. But with Wendy Steele’s kind of Witch Lit, nothing could be further from the(un)truth.
Lizzie Martin is an ordinary mum with a teenage daughter, experiencing all the ups and downs of life that come with the territory. But the difference in how she deals with the challenges that crop up is in her magical beliefs and practices.
One being her wooden shed at the bottom of her garden, a place she calls her Sanctuary. A place where she takes refuge and retreats to find herself again when the trials of life take their toll… A place to ground and centre her energy and reconnect with her magical self, to call upon her goddess and the gods, her guides from the celestial realms and the ancestral spirits of the earth.
The herbs she grows, the incense she lights, the prayers she sends out and the divination she works with to tune into the hidden realms are the ways of the Witch. Granted, you will find these practices in works of non-fiction – of which there are plenty around – but to weave magic through the fabric of story is no less inspirational than any work of teaching. In fact, it can be far more educational in many ways because magic at the very least works on those subtle levels of mind and body when the mind is receptive and passive…when the spell of the story itself is working its charm upon the reader.

And so Wendy Steele’s writing is a magical act in itself, because you can never separate a Witch from her world - indeed she carries it with her everywhere - as it's not so much a by product of what she does, but a true reflection of who she is. And if she is a writer, then it will shine through those words, it will spring from the page and it will make that story come to life.
Witch Lit is magical writing and here in The Naked Witch, the first of this down to earth and enjoyable series, Wendy Steele makes no exception.
A great read.

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