Sunday, 10 March 2019

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Friday, 11 January 2019

Magical Marketing for Witches Who Write - Part 1

What is Magical Marketing? 

Let's think about this...
Magical marketing is the Witch's way of putting out into the world what she creates. And given that she works with the magical arts, it makes sense to use the tools she has at her disposal to help achieve the all-important task of visibility and discoverability.

Without becoming known - you and those books that you poured your heart and soul into - will not sell.
There, I said it >>> SELL<<<
Get used to it.
Because without selling your creations - which become products as soon as they're finished, published and have a price on them - they will not survive in the marketplace.
 And neither will you, because nobody will know about you or your work.

Unless you tell them.

Out of your Comfort Zone

So if you are used to cozying up under the radar and being invisible - something many writers and Witches love to do - it's.time to come out and show yourself.
You want to create more magic?
Get used to being uncomfortable and it will happen, but you have to get your head in the right place first. And it's not enough to believe in your ability and your writing.
You need to know it inside out and who it's for.
Remember that a Witch, if she is in tune with who she really is, does not just believe in magic...she lives it and breathes it, she works it into every day, weaving each thread with the intention of creating exactly what she wants.
This may sound much the same as anyone else who is focused and determined to reach their goals... but for the magically minded, it is different. And not because the Witch tries to be different to others, but only because she is.

The Power of the Pentacle

Always there for us is the Pentacle - a magical compass - and one of the most intuitive and grounding tools in Witchery.
By tuning into its power we can access the power of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit to guide us at all times.
Let's take a look at each in relation to marketing:
  • Earth ~ the Physical. Business and Sales. The power of Health and Wealth. 
  • Air ~ the Mental. Intellect and Communications. The power of Decision and Discipline.
  • Fire ~ the Creative. Inspiration and Vision. The power of  Passion, Purpose and Potential.
  • Water ~ the Intuitive. Relationships and Connections. The power of Networking and Flow.
  • Spirit ~ the Magic of Nature. Ancestors and Guides. The power of Authenticity and Soul Attunement. 

The Magical Mastermind

Before we begin to wrap our heads around the aspects of the pentacle, or if we have tried and overwhelm has set in...stop!
Give yourself a break. Take some time out and try a practice that can be very useful and one you can continue to work with throughout the entire building of your magical author business.

This is a magical practice, so prepare yourself with solitude, stillness, and connection.

Focus on each element of the Pentacle and sit with your chosen objects to remind you of the energy within them: 
A stone, a shell, a feather, a candle (if you're like me, they will adorn your home in their multitudes).
As for Spirit, you are going to invite a successful fiction and a non-fiction author, a poet and a songwriter from those unseen realms to join you and create a mastermind group of writers. 
Here, you will join them in the ultimate place of power...your imagination. 

Spend time with these talented souls, asking for guidance and direction and you will receive that and much more. Know what you are seeking and allow it to find you.
Be specific, be open and be receptive. 
Make it a regular practice of intention and discipline and in time, changes will happen.
You will create magic, but only if you work for it.  

If you are a Witch who writes and wants to build a successful, magical author business - a magical practice remains at the heart of it. It is where you start.
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it...boldness has genius, magic and power in it.
Begin it now. 

 Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions.