Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Treehouse Magic ~ Making & Charging a Talisman

Great witchery is all about working with natural magical ability and creating your own tools is one way of doing that.
You can be sure they will be far more powerful because you have sourced the objects yourself and spent time and energy with them.

Talismans are really useful magical tools because by wearing them they are constant reminders of the intentions we have sent out and the magic at work.

For my recent creation it was a simple collection of earthy ingredients:
  1. A circular slice of hickory from a cricket stump - thanks to the husband's sawing skills.
  2. An inch of copper wire - again, curtesy of the husband.
  3. A long leather thread, bought from a saddler.
Using whatever pens, knives or pyrography tools you like, draw your symbol of intention on one side and write on the other side in Latin or another foreign language. There isn't much room, so be resourceful as well as careful in your choice. Words in themselves, are magical tools.
Think about what you want and use words to signify.
Here are some words I wrote to charge mine...which you can say three times as you place your talisman around your neck.
                                        Power to the Witch in me, all I am and want to be!

And then recite:
The Charge of the Talisman

When we are working and weaving the web
Every thought that we think
Every word that’s been said
We are charging with power
 And focused intent
Creating the magic
 We know we have sent
Out into the Cosmos
 Through symbols and sound
We draw from the heavens
To earth and to ground
We shape and we make
Every effort a joy
When it’s help that we need
It’s the Gods we employ
The spirits of Nature
The sun and the moon
The light of the stars
A Celestial tune
From the realms of the Angels
To the places on earth
Where the Ancestors teach us
Through death and rebirth
Where we Warriors gather
With our swords and our shields
And the Goddess she joins us
On our battlefields
Resolving all conflicts
And healing our wounds
Always keeping us steady
She sings the earth tune
And dancing in circles
She carries us round
And holds us in balance
For she is the ground…
The wind and the water
The light and the shade
She is the symbol of what we are made
So in our creations
We build and we grow
The magic we dream of
The magic we know
Always forming and shaping
In truth we believe
We are Witches creating
And so we receive.

So mote it be!
       Treehouse blessings be yours...



© Sheena Cundy ~ Treehouse Magic 2018

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

What's Minerva up to now?

"Minerva watched David from the front pew as he carefully arranged the candles on the altar. There were few things more attractive in a man than seeing him in his own working environment.
And a vicar was no exception.
But unlike the rougher terrains of building sites and farmland where the rippling of male bodies fill the open spaces with raw testosterone - this was entirely different.
There was something about the inner sanctum of a holy place and the refined atmosphere within a church that heated up the witch blood rising inside Minerva, until she had no choice but to surrender to its giddy heights.
No. However sacred or hallowed a space, a Witch cannot be separated from her magic.
Or her man."
A sneaky peek at the current work-in-progress, Book no.3 of the Mad & Magical series. 
I'm having such fun writing this!