Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Heart Of Life

A Review

In this fascinating book, Jez Hughes bares his soul through a deeply personal account of a journey into shamanism as a healer and teacher. Here is a story into the mind and heart of a man who has discovered the shaman within through the fierce initiation process of a life so far, who has faced his demons and is not afraid to talk about it.
     It is a story of healing that reflects how some of the most challenging times in a person's life can be turned around, of how the dark night of the soul can be an opportunity to grow and learn - to ground the spirit and be fully human. The author has done this with clear, down to earth writing and an endearing honesty which is hard not to like.
     Divided into three parts of the Body, the Ancestral and the Dreaming Soul, the author shares with the reader the teachings of his own experience through his travels and encounters with the indigenous people and shamans of the world. And his trust in the spirits and guidance received from those subtle realms demonstrates an unwavering faith in a journey of personal discovery and deep transformation.
     In The Heart of Life, Jez Hughes is both the seeker and the seer, the wounded healer and the wisdom keeper. Ultimately, he has produced an important work - one which will resonate with and further the knowledge of those already on the shamanic path and for those who have wandered too long without clear and conscious direction... now they have it. Well done to him.
A book to inspire and treasure.

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