Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Review of The Madness...


     The Madness & the Magic ~ A Review by Willow

The first thing that strikes the reader of this book is the beautiful
presentation - a tactile satin-like feel with a bold image of The
Hanged Man. The Madness and the Magic is a story of magic and mayhem, love affairs and menopausal antics, all presented in a mixture of dialogue and narration.  Cundy immediately gets the reader's attention in her opening line - 'Crafty Cottage waited in darkness at the end of the path'.  What path is this? For whom or what is the Cottag waiting? And does Crafty Cottage have some kind of supernatural nature that it can be described as 'waiting'?
The author has a way of springing surprises with a seamless switchfrom the magical to the mundane and back again, along with the ability to lift the mood of the story by the use of a simple quip.  Cundy's style of writing keeps the reader wanting to know what comes next and is easy to read, offering both humour and pathos. The book has a satisfying end and leaves the reader feeling content and happy that the story has the right outcome.
On a personal note, I found this book to be unputdownable.  I laughed and cried at the very humanity of the story, whilst appreciating the mix of menopausal madness and the magic, both of which are entwined in a totally believe-able way.  This book is definitely a must-have if you want a thoroughly enjoyable read.
"Many thanks to Willow."

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