Friday, 26 February 2016

Eternal Spirit YouTube Interview



The Fun Stuff

This is the kind of promotional work I love. Getting out there and making real contact with people. You can only do so much online and let's face it, virtual relationships can be restrictive. It was well worth the couple of hours drive down the A12 to sunny Felixstowe with Mr. C. a few weeks ago.
We know Paul from Woodbridge folk festival where we played as a duo some years running and later when he went on to run his own radio show and now the big time..! You can't beat the visual experience to connect and get the word out there.
Many thanks to Paul for asking me on his show - we had a great laugh - and to Sarah for her camera and editing skills, and the coffee! It was great to meet Amanda Barrymore too and watch her interview with Paul and the chat in the coffee shop afterwards... Looking forward to seeing that and the Morrigans Path one when edited. Not forgetting the out-takes, some hilarious moments for sure. It was wonderful to talk about the book and to be able to give Paul and Sarah a copy although I really must stop giving it away... never really make much of a sales woman will I? Truth is, I really enjoy giving and if the selling falls short as a result... so be it.
 I believe in Magic!
Ian, myself, Paul & Amanda
For more info about Sarah and what she does, check out:
and if you're a writer/musician and/or creator in the spiritual field, get in touch with Paul about an interview: 
I'd thoroughly recommend it!


  1. Great interview - just like the book, great fun!

  2. Authors just wanna have fun...don't you think Libby?!
    Glad it reflected.