Saturday, 23 April 2016

What is Witch Lit?

Broadly speaking, Witch Lit is contemporary, magical realism. Stories where the magical and the mundane co-exist and are not in conflict with each other. Where there is a generous sprinkling of magic to suggest that it just might be true but grounded enough in everyday reality to keep the reader wondering... This will include characters from all walks of life - ordinary people - doing extraordinary things. Magical things.
Narrowing it down, the kind of Witch Lit I write is all of the above but with the added ingredient of humour, I couldn't survive without it. Yes, there were definitely serious aspects to The Madness & the Magic - Ronnie's plight and what happens to Bob is not funny at all - and because of those darker shades in the story it had to lighten up. I would have ended up jumping off a cliff without the humour... bearing in mind, I wrote it to cheer myself up whilst in the throes of a hideous hormonal madness and other murderous tendencies which wasn't at all funny either.
 A writer must be true to themselves. It's hard enough slog spending hours on your own bent over a keyboard, without denying yourself something to chuckle over.
So yes, my Witch Lit is a blend of dark and lighter shades of pale based on the ridiculous, sometimes surreal and often whacky sense of humour that I lean towards. This gave me plenty of scope within the story and more so with the characters themselves to really go to town and have some fun.

With the additional magical elements of the Tarot, spell-work and general witchiness of Minerva - I could draw from experience, although her brandy fetish only she knew about...
As a teetotal-er (now) I allowed myself to indulge in her alcoholic escapades with sheer abandonment - it was almost like being under the influence without the hangover afterwards which is always a bonus.
    Anyway, there you have it, some insights into what Witch Lit means to me, and for every other Witch Lit writer it will be different again. But I'd like to think that within this exciting new genre there is plenty of room for exploration and expansion - room to express and create that bright future which is no less than it deserves.
Witch Lit is a calling for all magical storytellers - the visionaries, the imagineers and the dreamers into being...
Watch it happen.

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