Friday, 12 May 2017

The Naked Magician

Can modelling for the village life art class really be worth it?

~ Gerald craned his neck to catch sight of a small group of what appeared to be mostly women huddled together in what looked like – much to his relief - a densely bordered shrubbery. The low croaking and head bobbing reminded him of the hens his grandmother used to keep in her garden. They were pointing at something he couldn’t see, and then one of them stepped back to reveal a bright pink chaise-lounge on the lawn. Large sketch pads clutching tightly to heaving chests, flapped up and down in unison...
The faint flutter in his stomach took him by surprise along with the claw-like grip on his arm.
      “Perhaps we’ll leave the niceties till afterwards and get down to it...”Cordelia whispered a little too closely for comfort, “Why don’t you get yourself ready in the bathroom and join us in the garden Gerald?”  
Before she slithered off, he took the large pink towel from her other claw and locked the toilet door behind him. He was sweating and he was nervous but he was not backing down. As he peeled off his clothes, he called in every guardian he could think of from the magical realms and surrounded himself in the best protection he knew. Silver bands of barbed wire rippled around his naked body, bronzed by the sun.
Now, every bit of murky and negative energy coming his way would transmute into pure creativity for his own use.
He’d not studied the sacred art for nothing.
Slipping between the worlds and oblivious to his surroundings, he strutted out into the hen's enclosure and removed his towel. ~

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