Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What a Difference a Review Makes...

Thank you Elizabeth Leaper!

The dizzy headiness of being published for the first time seems to have settled. A lot.
Here we are, two months down the line and it's tough going... marketing has become that beautiful monster lurking around every corner. Everything one does, must lead to the book...  and while I can understand this from a selling point of view - I am no sales person really. I create and anything which get's in the way of my creativity - like pressure to sell - weighs on me.
So this marketing business is a love/hate relationship - as I want to tell without the pressure to sell - and hopefully with as much integrity as I can, regardless of the sleepless nights and endless days of full on social media input and still not feeling like I've done enough.
It's my steepest learning curve yet.
Frustration creeps in all too frequently, but I'm determined to find a way of coping and doing it my way with the least amount of struggle. Madness is a beast I've wrestled with quite enough thank you and I don't need or want it creeping into this whole new work ethic thing - I have enough of it with Minerva and her ridiculous antics. She's quite a handful.
Give me some Magic.
Anyway, so there I was a few days ago, out walking with my dog, calling to the universe for help - upper faced palm to furrowed brow and wallowing in 'not enough-ness' - when I received a message from a newly made friend. Elizabeth is another writer who came to the launch party, read the book and posted her review on Amazon.
Nice work Universe. It cheered me up no end and whether I should or shouldn't be so influenced by what others say, think or write - there's no getting away from the vulnerability of just being human now and again. What's wrong with that?
The truth is we all need encouragement and for a writer, there's nothing like the feedback of a great review to keep you going:

By Libby on 12 Feb. 2016

"I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end. This debut novel by Sheena Cundy is a wonderful fast-paced romp. The publisher, Moon Books, produces books on all aspects of paganism and as such the book is largely directed at a pagan audience, but this is to pigeon-hole it in a far to restricted fashion – the book can be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind, an appreciation of the magic of life and a sense of humour, regardless of religious persuasion.
 Although the book deals with serious issues it never takes itself or its paganism too seriously. The central character, Minerva, just happens to be a modern day witch who is struggling with the problems of single motherhood, menopause and a teenage daughter's accidental pregnancy while dealing with her own attraction to the new dishy, guitar-playing vicar. Her attempts to use magic to influence the outcome of events are hilarious, but the book also has its moment of sadness and this too is handled with a lightness of touch that ensures it never becomes maudlin. The characters are well drawn, from over-the-top Minerva herself to her insecure friend Isis, from Rhiannon, her daughter, trying to find her own place in the world to the refreshingly open-minded vicar.
 Although written by a self-confessed modern day witch you don't need to be pagan to love this book. It is a very human but ultimately uplifting tale that will be enjoyed equally by all women of 'a certain age' and no doubt by their open-minded male partners too. I can't wait for the promised second instalment."
Many thanks to Elizabeth and indeed, to all who've been kind enough to take the time to review so far - it really does make a difference - and for those in the future... thanks in advance!
For more info on Elizabeth and her work:

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  1. Nothing but the truth. Honoured that you liked it. Thanks for the plug too!