Monday, 20 February 2017

On With the Job

Mastering the Craft

As a stay-at home mum I don't have a job as such...oh alright, I do - but there's no wages. The husband smiles at me a lot, plays a mean guitar in our band ~ Morrigans Path and takes me to the Waffle Bar on a Sunday. That'll do me thanks very much.

For my birthday before Christmas, he treated me to an online business course in self-publishing. Very nice I hear you say, what a lovely husband you have and I would say yes he is, but not one without an ulterior motive.
There's a greater plan at work here...
One which involves me rolling up my sleeves and knuckling down to the business of writing. And I mean proper writing. The kind of writing which starts at an unearthly hour and continues, with the odd break or two for dog walking and domestic chores; but for the most part of the day - I'm writing.

It's serious stuff. I do have a sequel to write after all. The Madness & the Magic has been out over a year now and the second book has been marinating for a while but with no real momentum behind it.
Time for a change.
I'm not content with being a housewife anymore, the same way as the husband's had enough of being the breadwinner, plus he wants to retire... Can't blame him, forty years in the same job - I'd say that's pretty good going.
And the good news is I'm loving it, I get to do what I love all day, every day. There's a lot to learn once I have this next book written... tackling the self-publishing process will be a challenge but there's so much support from the course I'm doing with Mark Dawson I'm confident I can do it and determined I will.
And of course, the husband is happy. He gets early retirement if all goes to plan... but I must admit to a minor ulterior motive there too. The business side of things would benefit from a far more logical and practical mind than yours truly. Which means I could get on with the job of writing and the business management would be taken care of by one better equipped to deal with it.
Horses for courses, right?

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