Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Book Review: Initiation ~ Rayna Noire

Witch Lit Time Traveler...

If you like a bit of Witchy weaving back and forth in time, with believable characters and a good storyline; then this is for you.

Initiation is the first in The Pagan Eyes series from author and historian, Rayna Noire.

We see the introduction of the Carpenter family, all facing their own personal issues...but this is about Leah, a psychic teenager with more than the usual high school lessons to try and figure out...

Slipping back to another century, she discovers and joins three new friends from the burning times as they run from the witch hunters...  Tracked down by angry peasants and drunken knights and betrayed by those hungry for power over others; Leah not only learns to appreciate her family more, but also in the eternal powers of the universe which transcends all time.

In finding her lost grandfather and helping to redress the karmic balance of a previous life she discovers a belief in herself she never could have imagined before.
Initiation is a coming of age story. Fast paced and intriguing, it is the story of a young girl growing up to believe in the biggest magic of all...herself.
Well done to Rayna Noire.
Great Witch Lit.
For more info about the author and her work, please visit: Rayna Noire

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