Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Madness & the Magic... Sequel Snippet...

Why is Minerva mad now?

Minerva’s culinary skills left quite a lot to be desired. More often than not cooking was something she did because she had to but rarely enjoyed it. The only exception was if she was looking after her granddaughter when Ronnie wasn’t around. She revelled in the simplicity of chopping up apples and making soldiers for the boiled eggs which Morrigan loved. Who wouldn’t delight in the joys of baking with a two year old?
 A messy kitchen was after all a lived in one wasn’t it?
The doorbell interrupted her ponderings and in two shakes of a goat’s beard, David was standing in front of her, glowing like an angel. Perhaps it was something all vicars did.
            “Sorry I’m late, had a bit of church business to attend to,” he looked past her and grimaced at the smoke before kissing her softly on the lips, “I’ll take over shall I?”

        “It’s all yours chef,” Minerva purred, “As am I.”
David laughed and placing his jacket on the hat stand, proceeded to open a window and let the smoke out.

        “What time is everyone coming?” He said scanning the room.

         “About eight-ish I think,” said Minerva, “Can’t have a Last Supper starting too early can we?”
David looked at her, “Last Supper..?”
       “You know what I mean David,” said Minerva handing him a bottle of beer and pouring herself a brandy, “Before a certain person arrives next week...”

    “Your mother!” said David.
He never drinks from the bottle, thought Minerva.

    “Quite,” she said, “If ever there was a reasonable and valid excuse for my madness, she is it. I’m dreading it David... Have you any words of heavenly wisdom? Because by the Goddess, I need it now more than ever!”
     “It won’t be forever Minerva.”

She could hardly hear him, “No, but it will feel like it and that is far worse as far as I’m concerned... Have you any idea what I am about to endure and more to the point, will you help me bear it, this heavy cross in the shape of my mother!”
      “Minerva, there’s no need...”

    “There is every need David,” said Minerva through clenched teeth.
He’d not seen her this mad since they’d moved her mother out of her house with all the bags. The Squalor Skips episode was burnt into his memory by the hand of god, a touch of divine pyrography. It was a painful thing to remember, but poor Minerva had suffered the most. He thought she’d struggle to get over it...and somehow she did and they’d got through it together.

      “Sometimes it helps to see no barriers Minerva,” said David quietly, “Only obstacles to overcome...”
      “David,” she was talking under her breath now, “The only thing I can see at the moment is my mother living in this house, my house. Overcoming that does not feel all.”

There we are, a taster of what's to come...
If I keep bashing away at this, the first draft will be done by the end of this month and I'm hoping the finished product will be ready in a few months.
Everything crossed and keeping you posted.

 The first book... The Madness & the Magic


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